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Spring Tee Letter 2 – 2014

Spring Tee Letter 2 – 2014

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Spring Tea:


In a nutshell:


  • Spring TeaThursday, 2 October 2014 – in our garden.


Junior Group     –  9:00 to 9:45

Middle Group     – 9:45 to 10:30

Senior Group     – 10:30 to 11:15


  • Children may dress up as waiters (or a pretty dress) – even the boys enjoy looking very smart in a bowtie and shirt.

Remember, a waitress spends long hours on her feet –

so: girls, don’t wear your high heels…


Please send your child with their normal backpacks and

lunch boxes.  (It is a long time to wait especially for the

older children.)


  • The children may go home with you afterwards, but there will be supervision if they have to stay.


  • Your child will be your waiter.  You are welcome to tip your waiter – “tip box” on big table.
  • Sorry, no additional tickets can be bought at the gate.


Kind regards

Johnita Kennedy

Is this your first Spring Tea? 


Children come to school at their normal time.


Everything takes place in the front garden.


Parents come to school at the time given for the child’s class.

(If you have children in different classes, rather come in the younger child’s timeslot.)


Please wait just at the gate.  Your child will come and fetch you.

When you see your child coming to you, please come inside – they have a little gift for you.  (All children will be in the Junior Class waiting for the parents.)


Please find a place at one of the tables.  (Older children will show you where to sit.)


Your child will serve you.


When you are ready to leave, your child can fetch a sweetie from the Junior Class.


You are welcome to take your little one home with you.



Stepping Stones close tomorrow.

Schools open on 13 October 2014.


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